Is it the next big thing?

Our research suggests that 22% of candidates don’t know what Jobsharing is and most organisations are unaware of how it differs from part-time.  So before I start, I just wanted to share with you a nifty little graphic to illustrate this.

Due to the benefits and lifestyle of Jobsharing, it’s often chosen as a progression from part-time, opted for by candidates that are committed to progressing their career as well as creating time outside of work for other priorities.

Many of the partnerships I have encountered have progressed to Jobsharing from part-time.  Why? for various reasons, such as:

– They felt burnt out trying to shoe horn a full-time role into part-time hours
– Their career progression was limited
– They found it difficult to switch off on their non working days

After progressing to a Jobshare partnership, they experienced benefits on so many levels. The quotes below are taken from an interview with the Directors of Strategy at the Department of BIS when asked why Jobshare?:

– “Your days of really are days off”
– “You can do a wider range of demanding, challenging, interesting roles together”
– “You can really push yourself on your working days knowing that you’re doing to get a break”
– “Being accountable to your Jobshare partner keeps you focussed and honest”

If you’d like to view the interview clip where Polly and Ruth, Directors of Strategy share their reasons for choosing to Jobshare, it’s available at

With in built elements like accountability to (and support from) a Jobshare partner, resilience with an effective handover and improved communication, Jobsharers often find that they are more productive than their full-time counterparts. In Polly and Ruth’s case they took on the capacity of around 1.7 FTE.  So for the cost of 1.2 FTE, organisations get the skills, experience, commitment and energy of 2 candidates.

If you’d like to learn more about Jobsharing and how it could work for you or your organisations, please get in contact with us at


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